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Aquamarine Faceted Bead Necklace


Faceted deep blue Aquamarine beaded gemstones on an elegant strand necklace with a Sterling Silver clasp. approximately 48 cms long. Larger beads in the centre tapering off to smaller beads towards the ends.

Deep blue and rich in colour, these cooling beads are linked with the star sign Pisces. Like the ocean this fish symbol lives in, Aquamarine will help balance an overly excessive heated temperament. The perfect gift for someone born in the month of March, they will help you find your voice when you wear them close to your throat chakra and bring a calming touch when you feel fear or are in an uncertain, unsettling situation.

Aquamarine Healing Properties

Aquamarine balances excessive anger and fear and assists you to clear old patterns. It helps you to clear stagnant energy and activates the throat chakra, facilitating the communication of your truth. If you want to gently shift emotional patterns and reactions that are no longer serving you, Aquamarine clearly gives you the insight and awareness needed to release them.


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