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Apache Tears Tumbled Stones


Lustrous Apache Tears Tumbled Stones. Each stone will be intuitively picked by us, just for you. We always pick the best stones in store for our online customers.

Apache Tears Healing Qualities

Apache Tears are a type of Obsidian, a volcanic rock. Apache Tears are grounding and help connect you to earthly reality, helping you to understand that all of life is sacred. Apache Tears help you overcome the escapist tendency of spiritual bypassing, where you focus only on the positive or the spiritual denying and repressing your true feelings and wants and creating energetic blockages. Apache Tears aid you in embracing all of life's experiences as spiritual teachings and to take your spiritual journey a little bit less seriously, leaving room for laughter and acceptance. If you are too action oriented and ambitious, Apache Tears can help you slow down and enjoy the stillness and calm.


Free postage Australia wide for orders over $100. Jewellery is lovingly gift wrapped.