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All together now


By Reverence mixed media on canvas 900mm x 600mm

“All Together Now”

I paint in symbolism. My challenge as an artist is to use rudimental shapes to express an emotionally charged story. This is the very first time all of the symbols are all together, it’s the full picture. I’ve never explained the symbols until now.

The Star: symbolises hope. I used to only speak my truth to the night sky. Maybe I thought the stars were the only thing I could count on always being there. Many nights.. But the same wish.

The Wings: symbolises the ability to transform, to leave the past behind and set aim for new heights. I feel as though I’ve always had them but only have just started learning how to use them.

The Anchor: symbolises choice. I am the captain of my own ship. I have the choice where I place anchor.I have chosen to navigate away from stormy seas and set anchor safely in perfectly beautiful, calm and gentle waters.. Yes I am happy to admit I truly love my wife.

The Heart: I’ve painted so many of them.. They are a self portrait. Representing my feelings past present or future. They are the narrator of my stories. It’s me and you may also find some of yourself in the tales they tell

There is something very different about this painting, how it looks and how it feels. For the most part I painted it with a brush in my right hand and my baby daughter in my left while we awaited her brothers and sister to return from school. My wife was with me at home painting nearby. I thought about why this painting seemed different...We were all together when I finished this painting and I realized I was exactly where I always wanted to be.