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Ammonite with Hematite Earrings


Genuine Ammonite fossils set in Sterling Silver drop earrings.

Ammonite is the fossilised remains of the ancient invertebrate relatives of creatures like squids, octopuses and cuttlefish. They are between 65-400 million years old. Ammonite was named after the Egyptian God Amun as it was considered divine by the Egyptians. They waere also used as talismans and in natural medicine across Europe. 

Ammonite helps you through life's transitions. It helps you gain a big picture perspective as the waves of change wash over your life. If you wish to undergo a big personal transformation, Ammonite can helps you understand the process of spiritual evolution. Ammonite is calming, bringing a sense of peace and perspective to your life. Ammonite is also helpful if you seek to connect to your ancestors or practice past life regression.


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