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Timeout, Tranquility & Renewal Crystal Healing Pack Special Edition


I created this pack based on a dream I had. The person shown to me was a light worker who had been worked to the ground. She needed a break from healing others, she needed a recharge and she needed a moment detached from her self imposed responsibilities. She’s the most caring person I have met, but I feel sometimes she gives too much and has not left herself enough to keep her spirits up.

I created this pack for the people who give too much. Its a habit inherent in their makeup so my focus with this crystal healing pack is to support them while they continue to give. Its hard to break a habit of a lifetime, and for some it’s not a habit with willingness to change because let’s face it, what would we do without those people who consistently support the world? Some people will sacrifice it all to be of service, though I feel this can be detrimental I also know the facts that there is healing in sharing our care.


I have created a premium healing pack for those who resonate at a higher frequency. I feel higher grade crystals hold a clearer more precise vibration. All our crystals are higher quality don’t get me wrong but I wanted to make a special edition pack based on the impact this dream had on me, and I know there are a few of you who need something extra special. We have one special edition pack, if you feel you need more than one special edition crystal healing pack please contact us directly, 0404634097


Angel Aura Quartz Healing Properties

Angel Aura Quartz pours a rainbow into the aura, cleansing & uplifting ones emotional state. By placing a feeling of serenity & peace in ones auric field we can remember to notice the beauty in the world and opens one to closer align to ones spiritual purpose.


Garnet Healing Properties

Garnet gives a feeling of support in ones needs & desires. Helping one to release fear, worry, panic and anxiety.  Feel grounded and know the universe is on your side ready to support you aligning your your hearts desires.


Kambaba Jasper Healing Properties

Kambaba Jasper is a stone of peace & tranquility. It reminds us of the gift of life and our connection to it. This crystal is all about nurturing, taking you into a deep ancient forest allowing you to walk out feeling renewed & healed, releasing all baggage & unserviceable worries.


Seraphinite Healing Properties

Seraphinite brings powerful healing to the physical body. Resonating with the angels here to heal this earth, seraphinite helps one to release patterns & tendencies that causes imbalance with ones health. By letting a few things go we are again open to aligning with glowing health & vibrancy.


Special Edition Crystal Healing Pack pictured, these are the crystals you will receive. These crystals come on a bed of amethyst with silver dish.