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Chakra Collection Tumbled Stone Pack


A collection of High Grade large tumbled stones, each stone aligning to one of the seven Chakras.

Chakras are, simply put, energy points in the body. These can become blocked or stagnant, often for many years. How can you tell if its blocked? You’ll find that areas of physical or emotional discomfort and resistance in your life (and associated behavioural patterns) can often be traced back to a disruption in one of these energy centres.

You can help clear this blocked centres, by placing an aligning stone straight onto the area, preferably whilst sitting quietly and or meditating.

Seven Chakra Stones

Crown Chakra - ‘Awareness & Enlightenment’

Third Eye Chakra - ‘Intuition & Imagination’

Throat Chakra - ‘Communication’

Heart Chakra - ‘Love & Compassion’
(Rose Quartz)

Solar Plexus Chakra - ‘Self Esteem & Confidence’
(Golden Tiger Eye)

Sacral Chakra - ‘Sexuality, Creativity & Pleasure’

Root/Base Chakra - ‘Physical Identity, Stability & Grounding’                                   (Red Snakeskin Jasper)


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