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When life gives you lemons

I've had a lot of moments in my life where I have felt trapped by circumstances.


Today, I am taken back to a moment when I was 17, in England. My mum had just left me with no cash, so my great auntie got me a job as a kitchen hand. I worked my ass off, they saw this and offered me a room to stay. In the evenings I found it so lonely, especially over christmas. I didn't know anyone and I had not a pound to my name because at that point I was scrubbing those pots for my room and food. I use to write non-stop, walk, and clean. All quite boring monotonous activities but it distracted my ego enough so I could find some sort of peace within. 


Today I find myself feeling similar vibes towards my daily activities. I have an overactive mind and I rarely sit still. I don't meditate by sitting cross legged & placing my hands in the correct mudras. I have tried all that but my soul is fire. I am a full woman passionate with an entertaining chatty intense ideas and an action focussed ego... So sitting still feels more like jail to me.


Getting through this Covid lockdown I feel trapped and sooo over being restricted by things being completely out of my control. 


My higher self reminds me this is the perfect timing to heal my soul. 


Lockdown is a time in your life where you constructively assess spectrums of joy, bliss, and hidden sadness & dissatisfaction. 


If you are a non-meditator like me, keeping the mind focussed on a simple task while you assess what sits in the subconscious is the key to getting to cures, pathways, and core issues that need to be brought to the surface to be validated and healed. 

My cures are as follows


  • Do one thing a day that makes you feel proud of yourself.


  • Do one thing a day that wears you out physically.


  • Take the best actions you can in a moment... No matter how small!


  • And when your inner dialogue tries to jump in and tell you that you are shit, override it with positive affirmations. 


You are not, and you never will be shit! As soon as your mind deals with this fact the better... But it takes ages and ages, and consistent repetition.


Your inner dialogue of self-judgement is absolutely useless in times like these, so make an effort to write a new dialog over the top and dont listen too closely to the repetition of negativity. Instead, allow it to play in the background and feel free to tell it to F*** off and proclaim a better feeling thought over the top.


You are awesome. These are challenging times. Regardless, these are your moments so bend them to meet your best self within. 


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