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When I think of Romance I think of vulnerability, quivering words, candles, roses, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, a scene from a black & white movie; two staring into each others eyes with sheer desperation, anticipation of the moment when two lips finally kiss, & of course, the threat of some drama closely encroaching…

I am then abruptly shaken from my day dream with the harshness that only December 2017 can really offer. 


Instead of roses I get a text with an emoticon, instead of poetry handwritten only for me, I get a photo with a quote, I get a random hit song sung by some teenager with not a clue what the words mean, alerted to me by Facebook messenger... 


Home cooked meals by candlelight, days without speaking, holding hands walking in a park, hand-made presents, handwritten poetry, rocking up at your door with roses & a smile, giving up everything in pursuit of one thing, YOU! 

We have forgotten the importance of personalising our romantic intentions, we lazily repeat what has been done before.

This is how Romance became dead & this is how we failed Romance. We stopped somewhere. Gazed at the sun kissing the Earth & got back in the car leaving it on the side of the road, like an empty macca’s cup. Like plastic, it’s not going anywhere, but its choking us with every wave. We must bring it back. 


Romance was never supposed to sit dusty in a box under the bead. & never was it to be only one day a year… It was the thing that started the day, it was the reason why the sun chased the moon & the sky hugged the Earth… It accompanied the last exhale with eyes rising shut late at night…

Romance is birthed from the deepest part within, beyond logic, & even thought, its something that is a spontaneous MUST, & nobody can stop you, because you act beyond ALL reason… It is madness, much like love… Except you don’t need love.  

Romance is like writing a song. You can orchestrate without the need for realities approval. You can bend time, reshape things, give life to something completely lost… You just deliver the art that is in your mind, but it can’t just be ‘some’ of the time… You must commit or await your fate, make it the cornea converting every moment of electrochemical impulse to equal Romance.

Oh of course it will hurt once you find out they don’t really care, or they think you are shit or stupid that's the gamble… That is the way of Romance… Cruel, but when you win, you win big. 

To me Romance is made of the shit that really scares you, & in the receiving, it feels even more scary. When someone announces their chosen script that is inspired by only You, it holds maximum punch. The deliverance makes the air around you tremble, your stomach becomes a scene; empty room, an open door beneath an exit sign, just the echo of their words remain, & the ‘You’ watching in your head, rambles some comment that makes no sense at all… this is real Romance. 

And if it works & Romance has its way? You are completely screwed by the overwhelming emotion, like vines emerging from the base of your heart reaching out to the other from the solar plexus… Romance, lethally pins you to the path of the illusive love, the false love that is unsustainable, tension arises as the dream is met with reality. Reality allows for no such thing. We have failed Romance for not bringing it to every morning & now we must bear the cost of not applying it. 

A completely unexplainable phenomenon that occurs not only as synapses & hormones, but a frozen mind body experience until your lips meets theirs… Then you are chained to the path of love. It's all madness really… I wouldn’t change a thing. Be a fool, make art of your life, be Romantic in the truest possible way in every moment you can, it all leads to Art & Love, & what other life is worth living? 


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