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Love, being one of the most important aspects of your life, can be transformed through crystals and their powerful properties. Whether you are looking to improve romantic, platonic, or self-love, crystals are perfect in bettering new and existing relationships, as well as attracting more love in your life. 

The world of crystals can be intimidating if you are unsure of where to start. Fortunately, Empress & Wolf is a renowned Melbourne crystal shop, specialised in crystals and spiritual healing. Here are our crystal jewellery reccomendations that will guarantee an increase in attracting love to your life. 

History of Crystal Jewellery Pieces

Crystals have been universally appreciated and used by civilisation since ancient times across many cultures. Archaeologists have discovered graves and tombs buried with crystals and crystal jewellery, dated back from thousands of years ago. The most popular countries that adopt crystal culture include China, Ancient Egypt, India, and South America. However, crystal jewellery and healing is becoming more popular across the world. 

The natural formation of crystals undergoes a process called crystallisation. It takes millions, or even billions of years to process, forming different properties such as shape, density, and colour, dependent on elements such as temperature and pressure. 

Every crystal adopts different healing powers and vibrations, making them unique for each person who owns them. In terms of attracting love, crystals aim to align with your hearts’ intentions, sending powerful energy to whoever you are drawn to. Wearing crystals as jewellery is widely popular because of its convenience and perfect placement towards the body’s chakras. Empress & Wolf are well versed in crystal jewellery and healing - we offer a variety of jewellery pieces for everyone such as: 

Top Crystal Jewellery Pieces to Attract Love 

Rose Quartz 


rose quartz crystal jewellery - Empress & Wolf

Rose quartz is the most important and popular crystal for attracting all types of love, including self-love and romantic relationships. In order to successfully receive love, your heart needs to open up itself. Rose quartz is powerful in its ability to open your heart, aligning with the heart chakra. The soft, pink crystal contains manganese and titanium - minerals that are particularly helpful in calming and healing the mind. 

Therefore, rose quartz helps to foster strong and lasting relationships, as well as protecting one’s emotional health and wellbeing. Consider carrying with you or wearing rose quartz jewellery when you are out and about to spread your loving energy into the universe! 

2. Malachite 


malachite crystal jewellery - Empress & Wolf

This ethereal green crystal is known for cleansing and purifying negative energy. In relation to love, it is important to remove past negative memories or relationships in order to heal! Malachite gives you confidence to get yourself out there and meet new people. 

It strips anxiety-related stress from your life that is associated with love, protecting you from negative energy. Wear your malachite around your heart region to protect your heart chakra for ultimate protection! Malachite is perfect for balancing your love-related emotions across any situation. Visit our site to view our wide array of malachite crystal jewellery. 

3. Moonstone


moonstone crystal jewellery - Empress & Wolf

Moonstone is the most ideal crystal to attract calming and soothing energy, either within yourself or with your significant other. It encourages you to be in touch with your intuition, attracting loyalty, abundance, and wisdom in relationships. This is incredibly important for maintaining love, because decision-making is typically a significant part of any relationship - romantic or otherwise. 

Moonstone aims to bring out the best in people, helping you enjoy another person’s company and time. It is ideal to wear moonstone crystal jewellery around the neck because the crystal’s chakra belongs at the throat. It is also encouraged to use moonstone in combination with other love crystals as it restores calmness and harmony to existing heart chakra energy! 


Overall, wearing crystal jewellery or carrying crystals is the ultimate way to attract love within yourself and also out into the universe. In particular, rose quartz, malachite, and moonstone are the perfect crystals with important healing properties that attract loving relationships. If you are unsure what crystal jewellery to wear, please contact us or visit our site for more information! 


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