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How To Match Crystal Jewellery To Your Birthstone

match crystal jewellery to your birthstone with the experts at the empress and wolf

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s period of birth that usually corresponds with the month or zodiac sign. Birthstones are most typically worn as crystal jewellery - actively cultivating your crystalline needs, closely with your body’s energy points. What are the 12 birthstones, and how do you match the right crystal jewellery piece to align with your birth month? 

The Empress & Wolf is a Melbourne crystal shop providing a wide range of birthstone crystal jewellery pieces for our trusted customers in Daylesford, Regional Victoria. Read on to hear what our expert crystal and birthstone experts have to say about birthstones, with a complete 12-month guide on birthstone crystal jewellery.  

The History Of Birthstones 

Birthstones have been believed to have originated since biblical times. History suggests that each of the twelve birthstones corresponds with the ancient twelve gemstones of the breastplate of Aaron. Over the years, birthstones have been increasingly linked with zodiac signs and the astrological period - carrying unique properties and attracting certain energies. Now, in modern times, the practice of wearing one’s birthstone as crystal jewellery has increasingly become popular. 

What Is My Birthstone?

The following contents of this article provides you with the ultimate guide to each of the twelve birthstones and its properties so you can find the best crystal jewellery piece for yourself, or even a friend. 

January | Garnet 

garnet is the birthstone crystal jewellery for january

 Garnet is January’s birthstone. Symbolising trust and friendship, garnet is vibrant and diverse - making it the perfect crystal jewellery piece. The birthstone’s hardness makes it an excellent option for everyday-wear, durable, crystal jewellery. 


February | Amethyst

amethyst is the birthstone crystal jewellery for february

 If you are born in February, your birthstone is amethyst. Being a symbol of empowerment, inner strength, and serenity - amethyst is vital for providing the person with courage and building relationships. Additionally the crystal make-up of amethyst is ideal for crystal jewellery, as its relative hardness and no cleavage makes it suitable for everyday wear. 


March | Aquamarine

aquamarine is the birthstone crystal jewellery for march

 Aquamarine is the modern birthstone for March. This birthstone is highly popular and widely accessible. Typically, darker blue stones tend to be higher in value. Characterised by its healing powers on the body, mind, and relationships, as well as its durability and physical transparency - aquamarine is the perfect birthstone for crystal jewellery. 

April | Diamond 

diamond is the birthstone crystal jewellery for april

 The traditional and modern birthstone of April is diamond. Diamond is unsurprisingly the most popular stone for rings in the world. Known for their classic beauty, extreme hardness and durability, and high status - diamonds symbolise eternal love, marriage, and strength. Diamonds are the perfect choice for any type of jewellery because of their crystal make-up and properties. 


May | Emerald

emerald is the birthstone crystal jewellery for may

The birthstone for May, being emerald, is undoubtedly gorgeous in everyone’s eyes. Its rich meaning of good fortune, faithfulness, and good health has made it a powerful stone for centuries. Finding high-quality and clear emeralds can be difficult. However, emerald crystal jewellery pieces are divine if you get your hands on them. 


 June | Pearl

pearl is the birthstone crystal jewellery for june

Pearls are the traditional birthstone for the month of June. Many myths and legends believe that pearls are made from the tears of mermaids and angels. Associated with the feminine landscape - pearls symbolise purity, humility, and sweetness. Since natural pearls are organic in nature, they do not require real mining, cutting or polishing. Pearls are delicate and so jewellery pieces need to be treated with care. 


 July | Ruby 

ruby is the birthstone crystal jewellery for july

Ruby is July’s traditional and modern birthstone. Renowned for its symbolisation of love, passion, and wealth - ruby has been worn since ancient times for protection against evil and harm. Being one of the hardest naturally occurring gems, ruby as a birthstone makes exceptional crystal jewellery. 


 August | Peridot  

peridot is the birthstone crystal jewellery for august

The modern birthstone for August is peridot. The sparkling birthstone comes in a variety of green hues. In particular, however, peridot in the light green or lime green shades have the strongest connection to August. In terms of its crystal make-up, peridot is softer compared to other birthstones, and so jewellery wise - it is not recommended to wear peridot every day. 


September | Sapphire

sapphire is the birthstone crystal jewellery for september

Sapphire, being the birthstone for September - has been cherished across the world for many thousands of years, symbolising wisdom, purity, and faith. Sapphire is an excellent choice for crystal jewellery because of its extreme hardness and lack of cleavage. Its durability and dazzling colour can stand the elements and therefore is ideal for daily wear. 


October | Tourmaline

tourmaline is the birthstone crystal jewellery for october

The birthstone for the month of October is tourmaline. Through the Egyptian legend it is believed that Tourmaline passed over a rainbow when journeying to Earth, leading to the creation of the seven colours of the rainbow. Its variety of colours makes tourmaline so versatile. Additionally, tourmaline is great for crystal jewellery due to the birthstone’s durability and affordability. 


November | Topaz 

topaz is the birthstone crystal jewellery for november

Topaz is the traditional birthstone for November. Symbolising love and fidelity, topaz crystal jewellery is traditionally a stone used for relationships as it is believed to strengthen a couple’s bond. In terms of crystal jewellery wearing - topaz is quite durable, but not as tough as a ruby or sapphire stone. They are not prone to damage or breakage if the necessary care is taken for topaz jewellery. 


December | Turquoise 

turquoise is the birthstone crystal jewellery for december

The birthstone for the month of December is the beautiful turquoise. Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones, and has been prized by generations because of its unique hue and properties. Symbolising happiness, honesty, and spirituality - turquoise is renowned for its healing properties. However, turquoise is much softer and less durable than other birthstones. While its softness makes turquoise susceptible to damages, scratches, and nicks - it also makes it ideal for carving unique designs. Therefore it is important to look after turquoise crystal jewellery at the expense of its beauty. 


All in all, the world of birthstones can be intimidating - but with the right knowledge and assistance, shopping for birthstone crystal jewellery should be an easy and unique experience for everyone. If you are in need of crystal jewellery that aligns with your birthstone, check out The Empress & Wolf either online or in store, located in Daylesford, Victoria.


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