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Gifting Crystal Bracelets for Loved Ones

Gifting Crystal Bracelets for Loved Ones

Selecting a Crystal Bracelet

Crystals are commonly viewed as an embodiment of purity and perfection. Selecting a crystal bracelet as a gift can be a thoughtful and meaningful way to show your love and support for someone. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect crystal bracelet at Empress and Wolf.

Choose the right crystals:

Choose a crystal bracelet with crystals that align with your loved ones needs and intentions. Consider the energy and properties of the different crystals. They are believed to have unique crystal healing properties. Wearing a crystal bracelet can help to balance and harmonise your energy field.

Check out our books on crystals learn more about each type of gemstone and their properties.

Determine the recipient's wrist size:

It is important to determine the recipient's wrist size and choose a bracelet size that will fit well. This ensures a comfortable fit. If you are unsure of the wrist size, you can use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of the wrist. You can also choose a bracelet with an adjustable cord.

Besides your bracelet length, for beaded bracelets you will have to know what bead size you desire. Bead sizes range from very small 5-6mm beads to large 17-18mm beads.

Consider the design and style:

Crystal bracelets come in a variety of styles and designs, from beaded bracelets to cuff bracelets and more. The colour, bracelet material and clasp type are other such factors to remember when selecting.

Consider your loved ones personal style and choose a bracelet that will complement their aesthetic. For example, would they like a style that requires minimal jewellery care?

Think about the occasion 

Consider the occasion for which you are giving the crystal bracelet. A formal or elegant bracelet may be appropriate for a special event, while a casual bracelet may be suitable for everyday wear. 

Is the recipient interested in spirituality or healing crystal jewellery? Then a crystal bracelet might be a perfect gift. On the other hand, are they more interested in fashion and style? Then an aesthetic design might be a better choice. .For example, if you are giving a crystal for a birthday, choose a crystal that represents the energy and properties of that zodiac sign.

Packaging and presentation:

The packaging and presentation of a gift can often be as important as the gift itself. Consider the recipient's taste and choose a gift box or wrapping that will make the gift extra special. You can even add a note with it to make it extra special.


By considering these factors, you can select a crystal bracelet that will be both a meaningful and beautiful gift. Your loved one will truly cherish it. Contact us to find out more about our collection at The Empress and Wolf.


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