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Break free from the form spoken of you in past days...

Reinvent your perspective. Slice away the unneeded jumble of ruin expecting sabotage. The world wants you to fail so you will follow... But what if you believed in your potential? 

What if for a split second you let all possibility brew in your coffee & as you stare out your window surrounded by boxes ready to move once again, & you just allowed the spark to ignite... What if just this time you kept your feet still? Because stamping the shit that is actually good for you is long gone... The days of compromise have failed to win you over for one moment. And as the smoke fills the air to your surprise the memories of what you have achieved in this life flood your mind. This time you wait just long enough to accept the feeling of achievement & validate the battles you swore would break you but you stood tall & picked the road aligned in your absolute truth. 


This mornings coffee incurred the code to align to quantum entanglement? Breathing through reality you finally see the data dripping through the air... Undeniable as you are witness... You can only choke at the thought that you are the maker of your destiny... With the density of your focus & the strength of your previous encounters you decide upon the first sip, you are going to finally live… 


You remember the lies that you swallowed and how as a child, you knew that it was wrong but you only wanted to please so you folded down to your knees… They used this to fill the essence of your true power with disease, & they knew you would believe as all decades before this was their way to 'keep you' kept. In glass jars of old coffee we sit awaiting the profound moment when we wake up & pave our fate, regardless of the unpleasant face of disapproval. You prevail, because you & I, we know... We know the simplicity of how they program... We know because we bathed in it all, feeling the destruction breaking us from within.. But now? I sip, the warmth rises, I feel whole & complete... Unneeded is this system within me. But unlike some, I don't belong in an ashram, or cave upon a mountain... I don't meditate... I communicate. With all my heart I sing, paint & write. Hear all of me. I know you won't find an ounce of incongruity, I am real & I am the result of all the words I speak. I am strong sitting amongst the powerful emptiness passionate in my gentleness. I am the child within paving my fate. 


All battles at my feet. Yes, I lost parts of myself, yes the wounds are still raw. But I am no container, I am the jar open, ignited fire, a glowing warmth of truth that is unwavering by small minds. I am what the world needs. No longer will I hide. I will speak. Now I have admitted it to me, watch the world fold to what I dream. 


Have you ever wondered who turns the seconds hand in a clock? Who determines the next moment? What has played previous need not taint the following moments… You. You are in control of the seconds hand. You are the shaper of your time. Though it's a clear illusion we also know the 'how' in which you frame your moments has proven that you are a part of this illusion process.

There will come a time of disillusionment, this is the place to be still. As all self is in the air around, just hovering unattached. A moody misty morning. Sip your coffee pave your fate. You will be seen this day. Pierce through the fog of collective consciousness & expectation. This is not yours & you need not meet this by folding yourself into something you are not. Be the blade. Strike away that of which is not yours. Know thyself. Choose what you have decided to be the day you began. Untie the words that can never be met by the authentic you. Let go. Time is not something that happens to you. You are the active happening & if you have to, pick the road to offend to defend the truth of who you are.


Allow originality of every particle explode into this realm. The world will argue this behaviour is impolite. But in the innocence of your younger days you knew when your grandma said, 'be a lady' & you said, 'but I want to be Elicia' the facts were there, for decades you have known the right way. Your sweet pure soul has been through so much, now is the time for you to shine. Being all of you, leave all excuses in the sunset of the rising night.

Seek answers. But ask questions that lead you to the deeper wish.

That wish is now being awakened by many. You are not alone. We hear you, & we support the most authentic truth residing within. You are the person you need to make the the decision to pave your fate. 


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