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Crystals come in different colours that offer more than just beautiful hues. They give each semi-precious stone its specific meaning that can sometimes be linked to rituals and even mysticism. If you want to understand a crystal’s colour and what it means, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ll help you put a meaning to your favourite crystal so you’d know before you visit a crystals shop store.

Today, we will talk about crystal colours meaning — whether you plan to use them for spiritual healing or for decorative and aesthetic purposes.

But before we begin, let’s look at what creates the formation of the colours in these crystals.

Where do crystals get their colours?

It’s a known fact that crystals get their various hues from the different chemicals involved while the crystals are being formed. In addition, different elements can also make their way into the mix and provide their own unique shades.

It is said that the atomic bonds within a mineral generally determine which wavelengths of light will be absorbed and which will be reflected, affecting its colour and the effect it has on the crystal.

On that note, it’s safe to say that each crystal is unique. The process it takes to achieve a certain tone can be likened to the journey each individual experiences. There’s a saying that you don’t choose your crystal — it chooses you.

If you’re ready to know what each colour means, then let’s get started with a quick crystal colour guide.

white crystals

White crystals

Let’s start with the achromatic stone. White is a symbol of purity, that’s why many brides in different cultures wear white crystals during betrothal ceremonies.

In addition to being significant adornments, they can also be used to purify one’s thoughts and actions, bringing some level of mental clarity for those who want to clear their thoughts. You can place white crystals like white aventurine, white okenite, scolecite or white amethyst in your room and workspace to help clear blocks and obstacles and when starting something new.

Yellow crystals

Their energetic colour and lively hue help stimulate the intellect and creative energy. They symbolise youth and enthusiasm making them the perfect crystals for when you want to emanate vitality.

Common yellow crystals include yellow tourmaline, yellow muscovite, and yellow celestite. They help boost your energy and improve your focus making them a great crystal to use in workspaces and areas in your home where you can use a spur of energy.

Yellow crystals can have a similar effect to orange crystals that promote joy and happiness. Popular orange crystals include carnelian, orange jade, fire agate, calcite, orange garnet, and orange quartz.

purple crystal pendant

Purple crystals

Often called and referred to as stones of awakening, these crystals help in meditation and aids in opening one’s spirituality.

Of all the other crystals in this list, purple crystals are more connected to a deeper meaning. Some of the more iconic purple crystals include amethyst, kunzite, phosphosiderite, and vesuvianite. They are used to uplift one’s spirit when feeling down so it’s best to have them in small portable sizes and used as an accessory rather than a home decór.

According to popular belief, purple crystals can help one recall happy memories making them ideal gifts for your loved ones.

Blue crystals

The colour blue is one of calm and tranquility. It symbolises peace and knowledge. That said, having these gems around your place of meditation increases the positive and calm vibes allowing you to better focus on what you are doing.

Popular choices of blue stones are blue sapphire, kyanite, afghanite, and tourmaline. They are commonly worn as jewellery although they can also be used as good luck charms in stores and places of trade. Physiologically they are believed to help the cardiovascular system.

Red crystals

Emanating a masculine energy, red crystals embody power, passion, and desire. That’s why red is prominent in expensive sports cars because they drive one’s passion and is believed to attract a similar vibe.

Those who want red crystals can use a wide variety of stones such as red jade, red calcite, garnet, ruby, jasper, cuprites, and sardonyx.

Red crystals are said to help relieve tension in one’s body while energising and balancing your energy.


Overall, crystal colours meaning may vary depending on one’s interpretation. And while it’s always a subjective approach, knowing what each colour represents and what choices you have can help you point a finger on what crystal suits you and your personality best.

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