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For the mind, the most engaging thing about COVID-19 is all the unknowns that come with it.

The second most engaging thing is the lack of control.

Thirdly, our fear of the first two things.

And then on top of that we add our own personal dramas to cause more conflict and discomfort within ourselves!

But hold on a minute... Can we take the opportunity, amongst all the uncertainty, to step back and reflect on the direction of our lives?

My ego jumps in without hesitation and reminds me that I should be afraid for so many reasons: "you are pregnant, you should be worrying about the kind of world your new child is being born into, these governments are trying to take safety from you, what are you gonna do about it?" My mind says these things with such conviction... But for some reason, my heart & soul are not so easily convinced. 

These kinds of thoughts blame COVID-19 on things that we have new awareness about... Things that have been happening in our world forever anyway! We don't have direct control of how the country and the world will be run. Our opinions about how good or bad things are really show how fruitless the ego's efforts are - causing stress, discomfort and dis-ease in the body, all extremely unnecessary on top of all the extra stress everyone is already experiencing at this time. 

The numerous conversations and dialogues about covid being man-made, government conspiracies, and forced vaccinations are not a justification for us to lash out 
& attack one another trying to get our point of view across. Really we need to have awareness of where this anger arises from: a desire to defend ourselves because we feel so vulnerable right now. When we hold space for this, we can see there is actually room for everyone's experiences and points of view here.

Losing a family member is undoubtedly a tragic experience. It is also an experience that touches the depths of the soul, while opening us to the opportunity to feel with a depth that everyday moments do not allow. Losing someone dear to us has the potential to create healing through abrupt awakening & the realisation that this life is not forever. 

Losing a job, job security, and money are all things that enable us an opportunity to experience things at a deeper level. Even not being able to touch or be close to the ones we love, or wearing a mask... These are all experiences, not good or bad, not positive or negative. 

I have met many people who drive their life based on their comfort zones, which logically sounds like a good idea but at the soul level it is mere illusion and delusion. 

The abrupt force of a pandemic has caused such tragedy for some, and for others it has brought forth such overwhelming emotions to the surface ready to be healed. We are all healing and though my ego says this is all bullshit and completely messing up my plans for my business and my life, my soul yells above all the noise in my head and says:


"This is the process. It's not personal, but you need to address your own personal resistance to the events currently unfolding. Suffering need not occur to all. Compassion expands the heart. Centred focus on the present moment is highly recommended. And acceptance. Accept the fact that there are people impacting our lives in major ways, but it cannot ever break the spirit of the heart. Nor can any event in this life break the soul's path of evolution if the accompanying personality is willing to take the reins & lead themselves through with intelligent action & compassionate heart based dialogue."

Don't swallow everything you hear. You are entitled to be a happy unicorn playing in the garden, completely ignorant, completely at peace and joyful through this pandemic.

Respond with intelligence & heart based truth to each moment, there is nothing to fear but fear itself. 

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  • Sharon: August 29, 2020

    On a personal level, I have not been impacted health wise or loss of someone. I worry that my family & friends could be. My work has been restricted but I am coping. There is help out there financially and emotionally. We Just need to ask for it. I think with a vaccine or without it, our lives have changed and until this virus is under control but even then, our lives will be different. We have to trust that the powers that be know what has to be done & we can move forward. First & foremost we have to keep safe & keep others safe.

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