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Crystals for manifestation

New year, new you! Or so we like to tell ourselves as each new year first arrives. After the year that was, it’s not surprising we are all looking for a bit of healing in our lives. Throw those New Year’s Resolutions out the window – let’s face it, we never stick to them anyway. Instead, it’s time to set mindful intentions and to use the power of crystals to help you harness the energy you need to get you on track and keep you there.

Here are the seven of best healing crystals to start off the new year with:


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Healing


Known as the universal stone of love, there’s no better crystal to have by your side as we make our way through 2021. It’s not just about romantic love, but also the love we share for our friends and family. The Rose Quartz Crystals will provide you with a gentle, healing energy that will remind you of the love that surrounds you on a daily basis. It will also bring out your empathetic and compassionate side, so in turn, you will become a better friend and support person to those around you.



Bumblebee Jasper

Yellow Jasper


If you’re after a little clarity, happiness and self-confidence, then get your hands on a Yellow Jasper. If there’s one thing we learnt in 2020, it’s that the world is full of ups and downs that we have to face. With the healing powers of Yellow Jasper by your side, you have a constant reminder that better days are just around the corner. Next time you’re feeling down or like you need a little pick-me-up, reach out and stimulate those positive vibrations to help you through.




Selenite Wand


Find emotional healing with the power of Selenite. This stone works wonders if you’re looking to clear your aura and repair any leaks that could be allowing that negative energy to flow through you. Through the guidance of this stone, you will notice healing within yourself as well. It will not only give you a new outlook on those relationships around you, but it will also help to change your own personal mindset. It’s time to leave behind those negatives and focus on the positives and brighter things to come with Selenite stones.



Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Generator


This stone is known as the ‘Master Healer’ and will increase your energy. It also encourages clarity on every level to help you see your own life and those in it, in an entirely new light. If you’re looking for a bit of healing this New Year, Clear Quartz is your answer. It can help with any ailment or healing intention and stimulate your nervous system. It draws out your negative energy and promotes positive thinking.




Amethyst Meaning

It’s not only a stunning stone, but a powerful healing one. The Amethyst stone is known for its strong healing and purification powers. If you’re looking to find a little more balance this year, then start here. It relieves stress and irritability, balances your mood and rids your body of any anger, fear or anxiety. It is the perfect tool to help you enter a meditative state and can also offer spiritual protection.





If you are on the hunt for a new beginning then the Moonstone can help you out. It offers inner growth and strength, soothing emotional instability and stress and providing you with an inner calmness. Moonstone can also enhance your intuition, while putting you on the path to success and good fortune, both in love and life matters.



Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Healing Properties

This is the perfect crystal to help you bring in the New Year. It promotes healing by helping you let go of negative habits, while providing you with the energy to change. It’s a grounding root chakra stone, which perfectly complements the change it can help bring about in you. This strongly protective stone helps to shield you against any negativity, and draws out your mental stress and tension. Instead, it promotes growth, urging you to explore the unknown and open up new horizons for you.


A New Year is a new opportunity to discover yourself and ensure you have found the right path in life. These types of crystals can provide the energy you need to get on track and stay there, to make positive changes.


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