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best crystals for insomnia

Some of us just have a hard time catching some sleep. Whether you’re suffering from insomnia, dealing with stress, or just too much screen time, not getting enough sleep has its consequences.

You’ll end up waking tired, having less focus, and can lead to having less motivation to face the day.

If you have problems falling soundly asleep—and suffer from the aforementioned consequences—chances are you’ve tried traditional remedies like drinking tea, practicing relaxation exercises, controlling your breathing, and yes — counting sheep.

They work for others but some swear by the effects of using crystals.

Crystals have been used by many individuals to attract good luck, increase their energy, and also to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

5 Crystals To Help You Sleep

Nowadays, crystals are also being used to help individuals sleep. Today, we look at some of the best crystals for insomnia.

Let’s check them out

moonstone crystal 

1. Moonstone

It’s only befitting to begin this list with a crystal we can easily associate with sleep. Moonstone is an opalescent crystal that has a milky white hue with variants of pink, yellow, peach, and rainbow.

These crystals are known to reduce emotional stress making it easy for you to fall asleep. It calms the mind and the body, earning it the nickname: the crystal of calm.

In ancient times, many believed the moonstone to be used as a sleeping stone.

Moonstones are said to benefit people suffering from nightmares and are believed to cure sleepwalking.

You can put a moonstone beside your bed when sleeping. Others say that putting one above the crown of your head whilst focusing on your breathing can improve the effects of moonstone to promote deep sleep.

The variation in crystal colours, which we briefly covered above, also have different effects when helping you sleep. 

According to some, yellow and peach moonstones remove worry and anxiety and should be used if the reason you are having a hard time falling asleep is stress-related. Otherwise, moonstones with a pink or a rainbow hue are believed to have properties relating to psychotic protection. These properties make moonstones one of the best crystals for insomnia. 

howlite crystal

2. Howlite

Howlite is a stone believed to have effects that can help boost patience and calm one’s anger, thus making it one of the best crystals for sleep.

Based on those who trust the crystal’s properties, carrying a howlite stone with you throughout the day can help you with calming fits of anger and bad temper.

These crystals are used by people who have a bad temper and want to avoid trouble as the crystal is said to have useful metaphysical properties that may heighten one’s level of patience.

Its calming effect can be used to ease one’s troubles when sleeping.

People who use howlite will advise a person dealing with insomnia to place the stone under their pillow. This will allow the person who is having trouble sleeping to tap into the beneficial properties of howlite.

Do you have a pet who is also suffering from a lack of sleep? Well, howlite could help them too. You can place this crystal in the sleeping area of your pet. This should help them relax and be more peaceful.

rose quartz crystal

3. Rose quartz

A feel-good crystal, many also believe rose quartz to be one of the best crystals for sleep. Having this stone in your bedroom is said to improve the vibrations of harmony, love, and of course, peace.

Having a rose quartz around you can help improve your mood, and when placed in your bedroom, can bring an atmosphere of tranquility, thus improving your chances of getting some sleep. 

This should improve your chances of getting a good night’s sleep according to those who attune to its claimed benefits.

Pleasant dreams and better sleep quality can be achieved by holding your stone in your hand before you go to bed.

amethyst crystal

4. Amethyst

Last but not least is amethyst. Amethysts are known for their properties that can help purify one’s mind and clear it of negative thoughts. Those who use amethysts believe it to be one of the best crystals for insomnia.

Often known as the “all-purpose stone,” amethysts can have positive effects on how you sleep.

Pretty much like other crystals in this list, amethysts are known for improving your mood and therefore improving your quality of sleep.

To use it, simply place the crystal on your bedside table or under your pillow.

lepidolite crystal

5. Lepidolite

Last on our list is lepidolite. While this crystal is better known for its association with the third eye and crown chakras, they are used to sooth your mind, overcome anxiety and ease climbing tension.

The lepidolite crystal can help put your mind at ease and is an essential to have during times of challenging changes. Lepidolite brings balance to stress and when we feel emotionally overwhelmed or worried.

Place one in your bedroom and see how this lavender-hued crystal does its magic.


These are just some of the best crystals to buy for sleep. Try out these stones to better your chances of getting the rest and relaxation you deserve.


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