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Amethyst Crystal Hearts High Grade for people who want better sleep and be well rested

A good night’s rest is essential to our ability to face the daily challenges of life. But when economic, psychological and social stresses seep into our nightly routine, how do we cope? Healing crystals are one possible solution to calm the nerves by cleansing your aura and energy, allowing you to rest peacefully. 

Navigating the diverse array of crystals and their properties can seem like an all nighter task in itself. Luckily, Melbourne crystal shop The Empress and Wolf are here to convert your confusions to clarity. Continue reading to hear our thoughts on which crystal is best for your sleep troubles!

History of Crystal Healing

Crystals have been revered by many cultures, religions and peoples across the history of humankind. This human affinity for crystals is not just due to their visually striking nature, rather, archaeologists and historians suggest crystals have always been valued for their magical or spiritual properties. 

The first known use of crystals dates back to the Mesopotamian civilisation of 8000-2000 B.C., where it was supposedly used in a magical capacity. Further along the timeline, Ancient Egyptians used crystals for spiritual connection to higher powers. One archaeologically proven example includes the placement of quartz on the forehead of the deceased to aid in their journey through to the afterlife. 

Today, crystal healing continues to be prevalent, with the normalisation of crystal jewellery for both aesthetic and spiritual purposes by younger and older generations alike. Not to mention, joining in on the mystical phenomena is now easier than ever! By visiting The Empress and Wolf, you too can harness the supposed age old power of crystals through crystal jewellery, including:

Crystals for sleep troubles

Crystals beneficial for sleep troubles often have soothing and purifying properties, which can drive away feelings of stress and promote relaxation. Using the energies these natural tools contain, you may just find all your sleep troubles behind you. 


Amethyst crystal cluster for sleep and rest

This beautiful violet coloured stone is part of the quartz family, and is very popular within the healing crystal world for its ‘all-rounder’ reputation. Amethyst is known for its ability to ward off feelings of worry and anxiety, as well as the headaches that come as a consequence, instead replacing you with calm. 

Using this stone at night specifically can mean a snooze free of stress-inducing dreams and unexplained insomnia. As a result, you wake up refreshed and ready for the day! 

Ways to use amethyst to benefit sleep 

There are many ways to surround yourself with amethyst to harness its energies at night. Choose the one that suits you and your lifestyle best! 

This can include wearing a piece of amethyst jewelery, placing an amethyst crystal cluster in your bedroom, or even placing a piece of raw amethyst under or beside your pillow. 

Ultimately, amethyst crystals are a way to naturally relieve tension from your aura. Whether you choose to wear or carry them, or even place them in your spaces of sleep, these crystals can be used as a conduit for calming energy. Use them at night, and see how all your worries dissipate into clouds of zzz’s.

If you're still looking for the perfect piece of crystal jewellery to help you sleep, view our range online or come visit our store!


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