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Rose Quartz Crystal Rings in a crystal store Melbourne

There is nothing better than wearing a beautiful and yet healing crystal jewellery. Whether it’s the necklace or bracelet, wearing crystals healing jewellery is beneficial to healing through oneself through the crystal’s vibrations. This has been widely used throughout various cultures, religions, and traditions. Not only do you get the happiness from wearing beautiful piece of jewellery but also you get the benefits of the energetic properties from the crystal you select. Though healing crystal jewellery is still very much considered a pseudoscience, there’s still a good amount of information available to the public about crystal healing practices. Let’s dive into what we know about the healing crystal jewllery and how to use them efficiently!

What are healing crystal jewellery? 

Healing crystals are stones with physical characteristics which include specific formation or ordering of atoms that affect light refraction, electrical charge and more. As crystals work closely with your energy (also called Chakras), wearing them can help refine your crystalline needs. These healing crystals are believed to affect an individual through vibration and mindset. 

1. Enhance physical, emotional, and mental well-being 

Rose Quartz Oval Cut Crystal Rings from the best crystal shop Melbourne

Healing crystal jewellery can help an individual to feel calmer and at ease through their energetic influences. Crystals also offer spiritual protection in which improve one’s general health and wellbeing. These beautiful crystals are able to attract positive energy that heals your heart and you’ll find yourself making way out of any pain and confusion. 

The healing crystal jewellery we recommend are:

  1. Rose Quartz: have compassion and unconditional love for oneself and others
  2. Clear Quartz: improves on mental clarity
  3. Amethyst: cultivates spiritual wisdom 
  4. Lapis Lazuli: guides you towards making progress in healing process
  5. Pink Calcite: encourages love and kindness and represents forgiveness 
  6. Malachite: motivates the wearer to take risks and balances mood swings

2. Protecting oneself from negativity

Black Obsidian bracelet from the best Melbourne crystal shop

As previously mentioned, crystals can support renewing one’s vitality. They help in clearing away energetic debris and negative energy. 

  1. Black Obsidian: acts like a shield that protects oneself from negative energy
  2. Clear Quartz: as a dynamic crystal, it’s considered to only attract positive energy
  3. Black Tourmaline: it encourages a laid-back attitude and has the ability to ground a space 

3. Connecting oneself to intuition and spirit guides

Blue crystal earrings called Blue Lace Agate crystal from a crystal shop melbourne

Intuition is similar to spiritual awareness where your subconsciousness is able to pick up energies and report back to your conscious mind before it even knows the situation. You can use crystals to amplify intuition ability in order to be more in tune with your psychic powers. Most of these crystals are made to make you more observant.

  1. Labradorite: encourages one to achieve only the things you truly want for yourself
  2. Blue Lace Agate: used for translating intuition into action
  3. Moonstone: for activating intuitive power and trusting one’s gut feelings
  4. Ametrine: used for developing intuition
  5. Citrine: opens up the windows of intuition and create a greater sense of alertness

Overall, wearing healing crystal jewellery is a perfect and great addition to your everyday life. These healing crystal jewellery will ensure to keep you focused and grounded when you’re facing any difficulties in life. Are you ready to choose a healing crystal jewellery that resonates with you? To learn more about other crystals and their healing properties, please contact us or visit our website!


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